Coaching Discount

Coaching Discount Information

A volunteer as an active coach for a Fall or Spring OUTDOOR season is eligible for a $20.00 discount of off registration for an OUTDOOR season within 1 year of the initial season coached.  Example:  If I coach in Fall 2007, I can redeem the discount in the Spring of 2008 or the Fall of 2008.

In order to receive the discount the coach must have the minimum coaching license requirement as listed in Georgia Youth Soccer Rules and Regulations at the time of registration.  Also, the person must volunteer and be accepted as a coach for the season that they receive the discount.  

If a person coaches two teams then they are eligible for $40.00.  The discount will not apply for more than two teams.

The discount will be given by the RYSA office as a credit to an online registration.  In order to receive the discount, the coach will need to provide a copy of the coaching certificate to the RYSA Office.

If a coach volunteers and they do not have a child on the team, then they will receive a $20.00 gift certificate

All recreation program coaches must meet a minimum coaching license requirement as follows:

Age Group                                            License Level
U-06                                                        G Certificate

U-08                                                        G Certificate
U-10 to U-12                                             F Certificate
U-14 to U-19                              Recreational E Certificate or E Certificate


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