Athena Girls Newsletter

Athena Director, Harry Kustick's publishes a monthly newsletter, that include updates, news, and educational articles. Click on the links below to read Coach Kustick's informative newsletters.

USL Experience - Players at Nippert Stadium: CLICK HERE

December 2015 Newsletter: CLICK HERE
October 2015 Newsletter: CLICK HERE
   **Additional article: "8 Reasons No One Cares You Are Tired" - CLICK HERE
September 2015 Newsletter: CLICK HERE 
   **Additional articles: "
Youth Soccer Injures & the 3 R's: Risk Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Reduction" - CLICK HERE
                                   "Grit" - CLICK HERE  
August 2015 Newsletter: 

Revolution Revelations!
#1 - Nutritional Health: CLICK HERE

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