Super Y ODP Program

The Super Y-LEAGUE ODP Philosophy

To identify players for National Team Programs from within their natural environment during the Super Y League regular season competition. Peter Mellor, USL National Technical Director, will play a vital role in assisting to identify and development these players through the ODP Program.

How does a player participate?

Players will be scouted during League play through a national scouting system of Super Y-League coaches.

Program Description History

In 2002 the Super Y-League, through US Soccer and the United States Olympic Committee, was granted ODP status to identify players for U.S. National Team programs. The first selection process began during the 2003 season to identify players for regional team selection events where U.S. National Staff Coaches scouted players for National Team Programs. The Super Y-League North American Finals is another current ODP program in the USL system. In addition to many players being identified for U.S. National Team Programs, top players are identified by international scouts as well as leading college and university soccer programs throughout North America.

The Super Y-League ODP Selection Process

Step 1: Players will be evaluated over the course of the Super Y-League season by the coaches of opposing teams as well as their own CLUB. Nominations from score sheets will be tallied each week, and a midseason report will be sent to each CLUB.

Step 2: At the completion of the season, or specified time, the combined nominations will be used, along with proportional allocation in conjunction with Director of Coaching recommendations, to determine invitations to the ODP camps. The overall number of games and teams will also be factored into this process.

Step 3: The selected ODP players will attend the ODP National Camp held on their corresponding age group date.

Step 4: Once at the ODP Select Camp, players will be evaluated over intense competition and training by the ODP Staff. At the completion of the event a final selection for the ODP Select Team will be made recognizing the top players in the Super Y-League. Once this selection has been made, certain ODP Select Teams may be invited to participate in events beyond the camps.

What are Super Y-League ODP National Camps?

The top players chosen in each age group will attend the ODP National Camp. These camps are attended by U.S. National Staff Coaches as well as many of the nation’s top collegiate coaches. These camps are typically held in the early part of the year following a given season.

What are the Benefits of Participating in the Super Y-League ODP system?

1. Players are scouted in their natural environment with their own CLUB teams during LEAGUE play as opposed to an open tryout system. Many players do not participate in the open-tryout ODP system operated by state associations, and other players do not perform well in the open tryout process.

2. Exposure to U.S. National Staff Coaches.

3. Exposure to professional and collegiate scouts.

4. There is no cost to be scouted or to try out. The scouting system is built into LEAGUE play and contains no additional ODP fees. Only those selected to attend ODP camps will incur camp fees.


What Players Need to Know?


Q: What will the opposing team coaches look for in a player?

A: The SYL ODP will use the USSF components of coaching soccer in identifying players:  

• Technique
• Tactics
• Fitness
• Psychology

Technique:  A player’s individual technique on the ball and how it is applied to the demands of the game will be our focus, i.e., passing on the ground or passing in the air.

Tactics: Each player will be evaluated on how they carry out their individual and team tactics during the course of the game. More specifically how they adapt when defending, attacking, time, score and adjustments made throughout the game.

Fitness: Each player will be evaluated by their speed/agility, strength/power, recovery and overall game fitness.

Psychology: Each player will be observed on their positive attitude on and off the field.

The SYL ODP Program is looking for players that possess a combination of these components and can apply them to the demands of the game.

Q: What will the opposing team coaches look for in a Goalkeeper?

A: The goalkeeping position is unique and requires a different evaluation system. The areas in which the goalkeeper will be evaluated are:

• Shot-Stopping (defending their goal)
• Dealing with crosses (defending the 18-yard box)
• Connection with the backline (defending the space behind the defense)
• Distribution (Throwing, rolling, and feet)
• Organization/Communication skills (including set pieces)

The SYL ODP Program is looking for goalkeepers that possess a combination of these components and can apply them to the demands of the game.

Q: Can I be on both the State ODP Team and SYL ODP Team, and what is the difference?

A: Yes. Both programs offer equal opportunities for players to be identified. The difference is that the identification for SYL Regional ODP teams is based on your league play within the SYL. The SYL Scouting System consists of all of the coaches within the club system who will identify opposing team players at every game.

If you are the type of player that does not respond well to the state open tryout system or does not play well with unfamiliar players, the SYL system will work in your favor by helping you to be identified in your natural environment. The SYL Scouting System will evaluate players over the course of a season, and as a result the players do not have to be concerned about the weight of their selection being placed on only one performance. 

 Just as other national teams throughout the world utilize the club system to distinguish players, we recognize that the club system is the most important means to identify players. 

Q: What if the ODP Select Camps are during high school soccer?

A: Depending on where you live, there may be a conflict with your high school season as these can take place in the fall, winter, or spring.  Prior to the start of the high school season, you should have your parents notify your high school coach and athletic director in writing that you have been selected for the Super Y-League ODP Select Camp (this is a sanctioned program of the United States Olympic Committee and the United States Soccer Federation).  The ODP Select Camp takes place over the last half of the week and through the weekend so that players have only a minimal time away from high school activities. 

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