History of RYSA

Rockdale Youth Soccer Association was founded in 1972, as there was no organized soccer in Rockdale County. In 1971, Bob Boggus and Larry Ginder traveled to Dekalb County for their children to play soccer. In February, 1972, a meeting was arranged with Dwight Langley, Bob Boggus, and Larry Ginder to explore the possibility of Rockdale County starting a soccer program. There was no interest at that time. Larry Ginder then placed an ad in the Rockdale Citizen to register soccer players. Forty-six children were registered and RYSA was born.

RYSA's Board of Directors

Executive Board

President                              David Michelson                  president@rysa.net

Vice President                     Tracy Young                         vp@rysa.net

Commissioner                   Doug Nangle                       commissioner@rysa.net

Treasurer                            Stephanie Guadagno            treasurer@rysa.net

Secretary                             Katie Butler                         


Board Members

Tournament Director          Foy Mainor             

At Large                               Scott Slaughter

At Large                                Toby Michelson



Community Relations      

Corporate Sponsorship         

College Advisior  

Field Scheduler                   Dave Ward                    dward1964@gmail.com

Fundraising                          Open

Indoor-Adult                         Maria Bates                     mbates@gsp.net

Indoor-Youth                    Open

Recreation Director:       

Rec Director: U6 & U8        

Rec Director: U10-U12        Rodney Williams       rodneywilliams98@gmail.com

Rec Director: U14-U19        Robert Hughley               roblongcan@yahoo.com

Referee Training                 Kevin Fouser                      thefousers@comcast.net

Registrar: Recreation     

Registrar: Select                 Lisa Fouser                       admin@rysa.net

Risk Management               Paul Oeland                     

Scholarships                                                                     scholarships@rysa.net




Academy Director                 Keion Yearwood             keionyearwood@gmail.com

Select Director (Boys)         Dusty Fouser                   dfouser@rysa.net 

Select Director (Girls)         Harry Kustick                   kustick@rysa.net

Recreation Director            

Administrator                         Lisa Fouser                      admin@rysa.net

Admin. Assistant                   Michelle Carter               info@rysa.net




Ref Assigner - Main                 Missy Massey          rysa.assignor@gmail.com

Ref Assigner - Adult Indoor   Dave Ward                 Dward1964@gmail.com

Ref Assigner - Micro Refs     Penny Raatz              pennyr81@yahoo.com



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